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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Rain Or Showers

  • Rain Or Showers

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Low pressure is now becoming increasingly influential across much of the UK and will bring some pretty wet weather to central and northern parts during the next couple of days but we are hopeful of an improvement taking place again later in the weekend and as we go into next week whilst southeast England will actually manage to stay mostly dry and fairly settled throughout.

Today will see weather fronts or troughs affecting all but the far southeast of England so here another mostly dry and bright day is expected and again the highest temperatures of 24°C or 25°C are expected here. Otherwise for the rest of the UK it will be cooler with more in the way of cloud around and already there are showers affecting many western and north-western regions. As we go through the day we are expecting the showers to become more widespread, turning heavy at times with a risk of thunder, whilst longer spells of rain will develop across parts of Wales, southwest England and into parts of northern England. Temperatures generally will be in the high teens at best, but making the low twenties in the best of any brighter spells whilst winds will be light and rather variable in direction.

Showers will tend to ease away in the north tonight with many places here becoming dry with some clear spells developing. However across England and Wales further showers and longer spells of rain will break out and push further north although southeast England will see very little, if any, rain. Looking at tomorrow's forecast and it will be an unsettled day with that low drifting north and deepening somewhat so some very wet weather is likely over central, western and later northern parts of the country.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (1)

Coming Up The Bristol Channel

Right, bit of a geeky weather lesson today seeing as you peeps enjoyed them so much last week.

Yesterday there were a few headaches at Metcheck Towers with regards to the developments today. The reason? Well, as you probably know for heavy showers/storms to develop you need a trigger. Usually this is in the form of heated land which forms a bubble and up it goes and voila! Other times it can be air which is forced to rise across higher ground which provides the initial upward motion. Today is the third possible trigger.....

Air acts pretty much like a fluid at ground level. Swirling around things, being forced up, down or funneled into areas. Today we see a trough move in from the West. That's cool and nothing strange about that. However, to the South-west the air is being blown in through the Bristol Channel which has the effect if squeezing the air at the surface and forcing it to rise (a bit like the Severn Bore but for air). As the air rises it engages with the upper trough and we could well see some impressive showers and thunderstorms develop across South Wales and later into the Cotswold area.

So, all eyes to the South-west and we will take a closer look once we see some developments.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (4)

2014/15 Storm Names

Bit of a change coming this Autumn at Metcheck as we switch from using the German storm naming system to our own one.

The reason? Well last Winter we had an unprecedented run of Atlantic weather systems affect the UK and some of the storm names which were allocated just came across as a little errr strange?!

Many of the names which we used caught on in the public imagination and on social media but it was only the English sounding names which really worked.

So, we thought long and hard about it and decided that for this season we are going to run using our own naming convention. Better than that, YOU can suggest names for us to use and then once we allocate them we will use that name when its turn comes around.

So, take a look at the suggested names so far. We will start allocating the names in the next few days. Oh, and as for our German mates who provided us with names for the past few years? Dankeschön und auf Wiedersehen...

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