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Rain Moving Into The West

  • Rain Moving Into The West

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A weakening cold front pushing in from off the Atlantic today is bringing the first signs of a change to a more unsettled outlook as we go through the next few days with the early part of next week looking potentially very unsettled which will come as something of a shock following the very quiet autumn that we have experienced so far.

Back to the here and now and this morning is starting off on the murky side in many areas with some mist, fog and low cloud across much of the UK. There is also a band of thicker cloud and showery rain now coming into western parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland and this will slowly edge further east today, reaching northern and western parts of England and Wales by this evening, the rain tending to become lighter and more patchy. Meanwhile across central and eastern districts there will be a fair amount of dry weather around with sunny spells developing making for another pleasant day. Maximum temperatures will range from around 15C or 16C in the north and west to a warm 20C to 22C towards the south and east of England.

That cloud and patchy rain will continue to move further east across England and Wales tonight, with another band of cloud and some rain moving into Northern Ireland and western Scotland as a frontal system moves in from the west. Looking ahead to tomorrow and with those weakening weather fronts crossing the country there will be a fair amount of cloud and a few showers around, but it will turn brighter and cooler across northern and western areas with this cooler air reaching most places by Wednesday night.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (1)

Metcheck v7 BETA

Yes, Christmas has come early for all you lucky Metcheckers as we beta release v7 of the site.

The new version has loads of new features and toys as well as plenty of coding which has changed under the bonnet with regards to cloud forecasting algorithms and other boring stuff which we won't go on about.

We are hoping to have v7 in Beta for a fortnight to allow you to take a look at it, let us know your thoughts and any recommendations as well as any bugs which you might find which we can squash in time for the full release.

We honestly think v7 is the best version of the site to date. Cleaner, faster and developed to let you get the best weather forecast in the quickest amount of time.

You can view the new site by going to

We hope you like it.

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Incoming Atlantic

For those of you who enjoy looking at the weather models (and why shouldn't you?) there has been an interesting scenario developing over the past few weeks. In fact, for many forecasters it's been frustrating as the weather models show a breakdown from the Atlantic only to be replaced in the next model run by wet and windy weather and then back to square one for the next run.

The issue was down to tropical developments and also how the GFS handles a quasi-stationary front pushing in from the West at the end of the week. If you look at the charts below and scroll through to T+96 then you'll see the front in question. The front needs a wave depression to run up it in order to give it a boot and send it Eastwards allowing low pressure to move in from the North-west.

The GFS is now confident that this will happen. You can see how the front pushes in over the weekend and intensifies as it runs into the North Sea. This intensification pulls the low pressure across Iceland South. Not a lot, but enough to open the Atlantic floodgates from the West.

Basically, in a nutshell, Autumn starts this weekend.... prepare to pick up leaves.

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